The Water Removal, Clean Up & Repair Company

Nuclean Steam Clean is a Waterloo based; family owned and operated water damage company. We have successfully served Waterloo region, since 1975 due to our expertise in water damage restoration as well as our emphasis on customer satisfaction. Call us at the first sign of water damage at your home or place of business and do not wait for further destruction of your property. Waiting will not solve the flood damage emergency, but only make it costlier to dry out and clean up.

Water Damage Services Provided by Nuclean

Accurate Estimate

When our water mitigation crew arrives at your property, we inspect it thoroughly to make sure we properly assess the situation to give you an accurate flood repair estimate.

Quick & Efficient

Our technicians work fast to make sure water extraction and removal is done quickly and efficiently, to minimize further damage from occurring.

Industrial Strength

All the drying and dehumidification of your flooded home is done with heavy duty, industrial strength equipment.

Restore Decor

We diligently work on your property reconstruction and restoration project to make sure it looks at least as good as it did before the water damage incident occurred.

Handle Insurance

We submit your insurance water damage claim and bill your insurance directly to eliminate further stress to you and your family.

At Nuclean Steam Clean, we use the highest quality water extraction equipment for all our flood water damage removal jobs. Our trucks and crews are ready and available 24/7 to tackle your water damage emergency anywhere in the Waterloo Region.

Our flood water damage removal, clean up and repair and restoration services include the following

Toilet Leaks and Overflows

Water heater floods, leaks and overflows

Burst pipes water damage

Frozen pipes water damage

Broken pipes water damage

Sewage pipes water damage

Basement flood water damage

Washing machine leaks and overflows

Dishwasher leaks and overflows

Call Nuclean Steam Clean 24/7 for emergencies due to flood and water damage in your home or business property. It is crucial to begin water removal, clean up and repair as soon as possible to minimize damage. We are experienced in water damage repair, water damage emergency restoration, water extraction, flood damage, water removal, burst and leaky pipes, overflowing toilets and water heaters.