Commercial Cleaning

Commercial-Cleaning-Waterloo-KitchenerThe Importance of Appearance Management

* Affects office morale
* Presents the best image to your clients
* Increases the lifespan of carpet/fabric
* Reduces and delays replacement costs
* Shows concern for working environment

The #1 Reason for Appearance Loss

It’s not soil, traffic or wear, although these are factors. The reason some buildings stay looking sharp for years, while others seem to lose appearance quickly, is due to sulfuric acid condensation and improper dry soil removal.

How these two factors are controlled will determine how long your facility will look its best. The costs for improper maintenance programs can become very high and happen sooner than ever before.

Proper scheduling and use of cleaning systems that remove these contaminants are the key factors in a successful Appearance Management Program.

Proper Appearance Management is the Key

The textile starts out new then, due to soil, its appearance starts to decline. Once appearance reaches an unacceptable level a cleaning is scheduled, usually from the lowest bidder, and the appearance improves, but not back to “like new”.

Why do some buildings stay looking sharp for years, while others seem to lose appearance quickly?

The above approach, combined with untrained cleaning crews, will only lead to short periods of high appearance and greatly shorten the life of the carpet or fabric.

The Secret to a Successful Program

Proper Appearance Management Programs are literally a “secret”. Only a company that understands the effects of different soils on materials can recommend a Commercial Cleaning program that will lead to long term success.